PGical Productions is a newly formed musical theatre company for voluntary artists based in and around the East Midlands. It will focus on writing and performing new works.

Our aims are:

  • to bring stories to life and life to stories – i.e. to tell or re-tell great and often historical stories through the modern musical theatre genre and the written word – pushing boundaries and challenging conventions to really draw audiences into these stories
  • to provide roles that actors love to play – challenging them in the process
  • to put right the legacy Shakespeare and others have given us with the imbalance in theatre – in terms of age, sex and race. All of our productions will be inclusive but not because we want to ‘tick a box’ but because we believe our stories will be the more interesting and less stereotypical for it
  • to help grow and educate other local talent both on and off stage but allowing them to work to professional standards without being ‘in the profession’.

In time, we aim to support other up and coming local writers and directors.


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