Here’s a big shout out to the people or organisations who have helped or inspired me …

Jon Orton – Jon and I collaborated very early on in the development of the music of what was then ‘Lady Rock’. He sent me the music for a song he had already written and within an hour I had written my first lyrics … because the song was so good it simply shouted out to me what it was about. That song was ‘What Went Wrong’ which made it into The Legend of Lady Rock (even though it came first). Jon also helped me by creating an accompaniment which pieced together the rough melody for the first every song I wrote back in 2001 ‘I See You in My Dreams’, and the few bars he gave me which went on to become ‘It’s Time Now’, I learnt so much that helped and inspired me to start to properly write my own music. He is one of the most talented musicians I have ever met … and one of the few who can actually play Jason Robert Brown…

@Jonortonmusic on Twitter and

Musicworks & John Osborne – John gave me the opportunity to direct the world premier of Saturday Night & Sunday Morning at the Nottingham Playhouse back in 2012, spurring me on to start my writing again. His work with Musicworks now on ‘Soundtrack of My Life’ is life changing for dementia sufferers and their families and deserves much success…

The wonderful Mr Joe Heap – him taking a chance on me and agreeing to play Lachlan in The Legend of Lady Rock was a turning point in my confidence to produce my first show …

Steven & Kate Williams – took me under their wings when I first came to Nottingham and introduced me to the great and good of musical theatre in the city including their own visionary theatre company ‘Operating Theatre’ where they also gave me the chance to direct three amazing shows (Nine, Parade and The Secret Garden – all of which were regional or national premieres) and which still make me extremely grateful and proud. Stephen in particular encouraged inspired me to write. I will always be in your debt and in awe of you respective talents.

Carlton Operatic – gave me the chance to direct my first full-scale musical at a major theatre (regional premiere of The Producers at Nottingham Playhouse) for which we won several awards and had a wail of a time … It’s also where I met the amazingly talented husband and wife duo of Chris & Rachael Rees who have helped me so much – both in boosting my confidence and technically as well as being great friends …

Dynamite Productions, Joel Fletcher and Terri Murphy. I can honestly say these are two of the happiest, creative and most ‘can-do’ people I have met. A total pleasure to work with. Terri and Joel also made the contact with Joe Heap for me at a critical time in the proceedings … It wouldn’t have happened without them.

Design Innovation & Nick Gale – Nick made this happen by offering me space to build and store the set and introducing me to the wonderful Lace Market Theatre creative team – he took a great big barrier I was facing and simply smashed it down. If he approaches his business in the same way (which I am sure he does) then his clients are onto a winner.

Duart Castle – the beautiful and inspiring place where the seed for The Legend of Lady Rock was planted in my head by the Clan Chief The Right Honourable Sir Lachlan Maclean.

The Nottingham Contemporary & Niki Harman – such a great and creative space. Such an asset for Nottingham and such a pleasure to work with.

The Lace Market Theatre – where I was in my first show in Nottingham (Little Shop of Horrors). Wonderfully professional productions in an intimate space. Their technical team who are to be envied by other theatres are wholehearted bringing their creativity and experience to The Legend of Lady Rock.

The Kevin Spacey Foundation – Loving their idea of ‘sending the elevator back down’ so much I want to do the same … (and he’s much nicer than Frank Underwood)

Dr Sam Collins & Aspire – In 2014 I attended the Aspire Women’s Leadership Conference in London and found my ‘purpose’. Thank you Sam and ladies for being the final piece of the jigsaw to get me back on track. Forever grateful.

Notion – yes its totally true … the first year of composing my score in 2014/15 was on an iPad (until i bough a Mac and upgraded to the desktop version) using an app called Notion for the grand price of £5.99 … Notion – you changed my life. Thank you 🙂


There are so many others who have made this all happen too and added something somewhere along the journey (not least my wonderful husband Doug Smith) … I’ve not forgotten you … (but you don’t have websites or businesses)