Sarah Walker-Smith

IMG_5463Sarah Walker-Smith (or PG at home) is directing and designing The Legend of Lady Rock.

The Legend of Lady Rock is the the sixth musical Sarah has directed, the others being Nine, Parade (UK premiere), Secret Garden (regional premiere), The Producers (regional premiere) and Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (world premiere). As you can see from the above Sarah is at her best as a director where the show is a relatively new piece or not known. If possible she tries not to see the show beforehand (especially resisting the urge to goole of scour utube!) and tends to listen to the music first until she gets the feel of it and an idea or concept gets into her head. With the shows Sarah has directed previously she has also been lucky enough to be able to design the taking and set at the same time which is crictal to how she works.

“I like to think of the show from the audiences perspective; both in terms of the journey we take them on and what they will feel at each stage but also looking at the piece as a whole. My background in branding and marketing also help me to really ensure every aspect of the design and staging work together”

In terms of this show the challenge will be to inject pace and ensure the action moves whilst still allowing the audience time to follow a new and intricate story. She plans to approach it like Shakespeare to music really developing the drama and characters as multi dimensional. Most than anything it should be a strong blend of exciting yet emotional. Bring your hankies!

“Directing your own show is bizarrely like directing any other show … I am approaching the script afresh as I would if preparing for directing any production and already a number of new ideas are jumping out at me in terms of the staging”

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