The making of Lady Rock


The Legend of Lady Rock has been in development since around 2001 from the moment when, during a holiday in Lochgilphead, I went on a day trip over to the Isle of Mull and heard the story during a tour of Duart Castle.

We must have visited the castle on quite a slow day as we were the only people being shown round at that time. When we got to a large picture window off the main gallery, our guide, stopped and pointed out ‘The Lady’s Rock’ to us and told us the story. We had realised straight away but it became clear as he told the story that our guide turned out to be The Right Honourable Sir Lachlan Maclean – the current Clan Chief and namesake of the main protagonist in the legend. Duart1

Very little is really known about why Sir Lachlan Cattanach Maclean left his new wife to drown on a tidal rock in the Firth of Lorne but the story was so interesting to me that it grew in my head until my version of events was created into a storyline which I instinctively new would work in the theatre.  .

For what facts actually exist re the tale please visit history.

To follow ….

  • where did all the ideas and songs come from?
  • developing the plot and characters
  • developing the music
  • casting (and re-casting!) the show
  • finding the production team and crew
  • rehearsals
  • getting into the theatre
  • the making of the making of


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